Villa Del Sol
Playa la Ropa

P.O. Box. 84
GRO, 40880 Mexico

The hotel’s 56 rooms and suites are located in beautiful adobe-like villas amidst luxuriant tropical gardens. No two of them are alike – here some twisted tree trunks are holding up a little tile roof, there a private terrace is framed by the fringes of its palm-thatched roof. A tiny blue stream seems to run by your side wherever you walk, filling ponds, splashing into fountains or spilling over an aqueduct right into one of the many pristine pools. Strolling along winding pathways, you catch glimpses of private terraces with large woven hammocks and mosaic-tiled mini-pools hidden behind bushes of brilliantly colored hibiscus. Vibrant pink bougainvillea climb up walls, spill over stone arches and evoke fairy tale dreams of Sleeping Beauty.

As you walk on, a perfect view of the calm blue waters of Zihuatanejo Bay opens up, inviting you to dig your toes into the warm sand of the palm-shaded beach and let life’s troubles slide off your shoulders. You stop for just a second to wonder if you are really awake or still dreaming….

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We believe that good food and drink make people happy, and since your happiness is our first priority, we make sure to wine and dine you well at all times of the day. We get up extra early here at Villa del Sol so that you can wake up to freshly baked breads and pastries.
We know that different people have different ideas of a perfect vacation. Some like to dress up in their finest yarns to enjoy impeccable service and gourmet food, and others are happy to ban any kind of formal dress to the darkest corner of the closet for a few precious days and exchange the "Bankers' Club's" entrecôte for a gloriously simple grilled fish.
We can fulfill all your wildest culinary fantasies at our two great restaurants. If you are dreaming of an elegant candlelit dinner with fine wines, sophisticated international cuisine and subtle classical music then go straight to "The Restaurant at Villa del Sol." For those of you who prefer a more informal and casual atmosphere where your favorite Banana Republic shorts are perfectly within the dress code we created "La Cantina Bar and Grill."

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It doesn't get much better than this: a mile-long, crescent-moon shaped beach with fine white sand and swaying palm trees in a sheltered bay off the Pacific ocean. Many call our beach the most beautiful one in all of Mexico.

Dressed in vibrant green, "Playa La Ropa" (beach of clothes) actually got its name from the clothes that washed ashore centuries ago, when a Chinese merchant ship sank in front of the coast and spilled its cargo in the Pacific ocean.

Today our private patch of beach which stretches for 600 feet along the blue waters of the tranquil bay is our proudest possession. The warm waters, naturally sheltered from the Pacific, are ideal for swimming and all kinds of watersports year-round. At Villa del Sol we make arrangements for windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Of course, our beach is also perfect for doing nothing at all. Just relax on a comfortable lounge chair, exotic drink in hand, and read your favorite book. Too lazy to read? Get a relaxing massage, watch the pelicans dive for fish or have a local trio - they walk by, instruments on their backs, every once in a while - serenade you into dreamland.

Our beach boys will keep an eye on you and set up your lounge chairs with mattresses and towels almost before you yourself know which perfect beach spot you have chosen. Friendly waiters also prowl our beach to serve you drinks, snacks and a full lunch menu on linen-set tables under your own thatched palapa directly on the sand - or, if you prefer, right next to your comfortable lounge chair. Just whistle, wink or wave.

call 1-800-239-3866 


You will hear this a lot at Villa del Sol because we are virtually 24 hours at your service. We put some of our best people on the front desk, the cheerful and most seriously multi-lingual ones. Our concierges will change your money, call taxis or arrange rental cars, reconfirm your flights, advise you about shopping or excursions and just about anything else you can think of.

Our tour desk is also located in the lobby, right across from the reception. Lee and Carmen Kraft, the owners and operators of Intermar Ixtapa, have prepared some "a la carte" activities and excursions exclusively for Villa del Sol's guests. Please stop by and have them set up your private little adventure. How about taking a Mexican cooking class that starts with grocery shopping at the local markets and ends with enjoying your own delicious meal? For your seafaring pleasures, Villa del Sol has chartered the most beautiful sailboat, the aptly named "Nirvana," a classic 65' Alden Cutter recently restored to her original beauty by a great young Australian couple. Through the tour desk you may also arrange for deep-sea fishing, picnics and various custom-tailored sightseeing excursions.

In case you are looking for that very special gift or some exquisite one-of-a-kind art or jewelry pieces, make sure you visit the small but very special gallery located in our lobby. Here they also sell some of the essentials like suntan lotions and tobacco items.

Yes, Villa del Sol has same-day laundry and valet service. Have your laundry picked up by 11 am and we will get it back to you spring-fresh the same day. For all other of life’s necessities, our housekeeping department is always at your disposal.

And while you are waiting for your favorite summer dress to be pressed, why not get a haircut, manicure and pedicure in Villa del Sol’s beauty salon. Sun protective treatments for face and hair are also available so you can finally drop that sombrero. If you really want to pamper yourself, you should stop nothing short of a full-fledged facial and a heavenly relaxing massage. We will massage your last bit of stress away in the privacy of your suite or to the sound of the waves under the dreamy canopy of our massage tent right on the beach.

Of course, we have room service with all kinds of dishes to satisfy your hunger pangs in the privacy of your room. And since we know how hard it is even in Paradise to roll out of bed in the morning before your first cup of coffee we let you wake up gently. We place a thermos of freshly brewed coffee in front of your door - ssh, quietly - so that you can open your eyes just enough to read your complimentary New York Times fax and start making plans for the day.

Lap Pool

Believe it or not: there is an entire world outside your peaceful room and oh-so-beautiful suite! Villa del Sol offers you a broad array of activities - from scuba-diving to snorkeling to water-skiing and sailing.

The athletes among you may want to arrange for a lesson with our tennis pro on one of our two floodlit tennis courts or work on your back stroke in Villa del Sol’s 60 ft. lap pool. There are two world-class 18-hole golf courses nearby - a Robert Trent Jones Jr. and a Robert van-Hagge. Both have equipment for rental.

Now, if you are like me, you do not automatically associate “activities” with sports. One of the best activities I participated in recently was a fantastic sunset cruise on a truly gorgeous sailboat, organized by Lee and Carmen Kraft, the owners and operators of Villa del Sol’s tour desk.

Miguel, our guardian angel on the beach, will also be happy to rent you one of his catamarans or take you out sailing himself. Most of our guests fall in love with Miguel right after meeting him for the first time - he swims like a dolphin, knows everything about the local wildlife, is always helpful and has the most beautiful smile!


For sport fishing enthusiasts, Villa del Sol will arrange deep-sea fishing excursions on a stunning private yacht complete with an experienced captain and crew. The same yacht, by the way, will also take you and an icebox filled with gourmet fare out for a romantic ocean getaway. Our tour desk in the lobby offers some interesting sightseeing excursions and can set up your own private trips. Of course, for all those exhausting activities we are happy to pack you a wonderful picnic.

For all you hopelessly romantic souls, by the way, there is horseback riding on unspoiled beaches nearby


We cannot guarantee you that your marriage will be forever happy and last a lifetime (although we are pretty sure you will work very hard on this just to be able to come back to Villa del Sol every year to celebrate your anniversary!) but you can rest assured that neither you nor your friends and family will ever forget your wedding at Villa del Sol.

When Simon and Lucy decided to get married, they wanted a very special ceremony. To be exact, they wanted a marriage ritual that has been performed for the natives of the Americas for over three or four thousand years. Their wedding turned out to be the most unusual and beautiful celebration that ever took place on our beach.

There were Aztec warriors performing traditional dances in full costume, burning incense to cleanse the area and environs, offering food to placate and thank the gods, and tying a sash around the lovers to signify the invisible union of their souls.

Our pastry chef created her masterpiece, an exact replica of the pyramid in Palenque - complete with temple on top - made entirely out of chocolate cake and glaze, and Don Calixto came all the way from Acapulco to chase away the evil spirits with his colorful and noisy fireworks.

Well, of course, you can get married the conventional way at Villa del Sol, too, although we really do not recommend you wear a three-piece tux or a 30-pound pearl-embroidered long dress. In fact, we think the real beauty of getting married on our beach is the fact that you can do it barefoot, no jacket required.

So, whenever you are ready, just remember to bring your passports, tourist cards, birth certificates and medical certificates, and we will supply the rest, including warm sand, a gorgeous sunset, a mariachi band and the Justice of the Peace. We will even volunteer to sign as your witnesses.

Although we think there should be only two people involved in a honeymoon (ahem!), we will do our best to - very discreetly - make yours as romantic and memorable as possible. Ask for our special honeymoon packages or just describe to us how you would like us to transport you two straight to Cloud Seven . .

Naturally, weddings are not the only fiestas we love to celebrate with you. Just ask, and let us take care of all the details for a perfectly romantic proposal or engagement dinner. We will make your first anniversary just as unforgettable as your 25th and we guarantee you will feel younger than ever when you celebrate your birthday here at Villa del Sol. There is nothing more rejuvenating than dancing barefoot in the sand. Really!

Although we try not to think about it here in Paradise, in the real world there are such things as board meetings, and if you have to have them, you may as well have them in one of the nicest places on Earth. We will be happy to accommodate your small group and custom-tailor your event. You will see, a business dinner can become a most enjoyable event if you have it at a private table right on the beach. We can also host your private events in “La Cantina” or provide you with a peaceful meeting space right in one of our most beautiful spacious suites.


In the afternoon, a dip in one of our four pristine swimming pools will feel just perfect. Just one hop off the sand and you can submerge yourself in what has become our owner’s greatest pride - a fantastic infinity pool (try the hippo’s perspective and you will find out where the “infinity” part comes from) that seems to literally spill right into the ocean.

Comfortable lounge chairs, placed under a wooden pergola just steps from La Cantina’s never-ending bar, make this the ideal spot for a nice sundowner.

The pool just in front of Orlando’s Bar is ideal for beating the beach heat in many respects: one step off the beach and you are in it, floating lazily on your back under the delicious shade of stately palms, and one step out of it and you are under the inviting palapa roof of Orlando’s Bar and in the loving care of the great mix master Orlando himself.


If you want to cool off and “moisturize” with even less physical effort, roll out of your lounge chair right into the pool next to the restaurant, let the aqueduct splash cool water on your head and scoot up to the swim-up bar. Our cheerful bartenders will know just what to serve you to keep you well “moisturized” inside and out.

For serious water rats there is also our 60 ft. lap pool right behind the two tennis courts.

With so much sun around all the time, we make sure that our esteemed guests also find enough shady spots to cool off.

We built plenty of individual “palapas” -those palm-thatched umbrellas - everywhere for you to enjoy our beach. We also keep our tropical gardens in immaculate shape so that you can take a leisurely stroll along the meandering pathways or find a comfortable bench under a tree.

A friendly army of gardeners makes sure that our grass is always green and our hibiscus and bougainvillea are always full of blossoms



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